4,500.0 $

Key Feature

  1. Customer, Supplier and Employee information with photo
  2. Category wise item information
  3. Item wise vat
  4. Auto barcode generate and Manual barcode assign
  5. Barcode export and Print Preview
  6. Stock, Out of stock and Re-order management
  7. Bad Stock Management
  8. Sales Management
  9. Point of Sales using barcode reader
  10. Sales Return
  11. Date wise sales graph
  12. Collection and Due Management
  13. Chart of accounts
  14. Income Voucher
  15. Expense voucher
  16. Cash Transfer
  17. User Management
  18. User Permission Point to Point
  19. Data Import from Excel(.xls, .xlsx) file
  20. Data Backup
  21. Reset Database


  1. Customer, Supplier and Employee informationItem and Stock Information
  2. Date and Category wise Bad stock
  3. Date and Category wise Sales Return
  4. Date, Customer, User wise wise sales, profit, VAT, Disc. Statement
  5. Transaction statement (Cash/ Card/ Due)
  6. Item Wise Sales Information
  7. Chart of accounts
  8. Transaction Report
  9. Statement of Cash & Bank
  10. Ledger Book

Suitable for

  • Small and medium-sized Retail, Restaurant , Nursery, Clothing, Pizzeria, Salon, Market, Chinese, Cafe, Liquor, Tobacco business.


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